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Nancy Kane Chapman

Nancy Kane Chapman

Saint Louis, MO


I began my love for art by watching my mother paint in oils and pastels. I must have caught the bug because I have enjoyed fifty years of drawing, painting and photography, urged on and instructed by professors, a botanist, a master of Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, water colorists and lately, mixed media devotees.
After a course in cubism in 1973 I began to explore pen and ink geometric art. Each stroke was unplanned but exact, the designs becoming more elaborate and more fun to execute. First circles, then onward to straight lines, then organic and architectural constructions. Thirty
years later I still dance out on the white space of a simple sheet of paper to weave new drawings. Picasa effects allow me to alter and play with these originals.
I also love doing pencil portraits, botanical art (especially magnolias) cats and dogs and landscapes. My new works are acrylic abstracts painted mainly with the sharp edge of a credit card and then photographed with a macro lens. I am constantly experimenting and amazed at this new technique.
In my art life I have only had one exhibition. In 1978 I was a member of a seven women art cooperative in North Hollywood called The
Workhouse. We held the show in our wonderful studio and I sold many floral paintings and photography. Then I was busy being a wife and the mother to two children and my art for years was photographing every family event and pets.
Fine Art America has given me an opportunity to have another "show" of what I have accomplished and showcase the new work that
is developing. It is such a pleasure to see the works of other fine artists on this site and add my art to my galleries.


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